Crown Condoms – Exactly How Good Are They?

One secret only a select few men know about and have taken advantage of is that there are other brands of condoms that result in better sex than what you can find in your local drug store or gas station. These condoms are ultra-thin, yet just as strong or stronger than thicker condoms.

The result is that both you and your partner feel more pleasure because there is less material between you. In fact, most people say these ultra-thin condoms feel like you are not wearing anything at all.

Crown Condoms, made by Okamoto in Japan, are the cream of the crop when it comes to thin condoms. They are consistently rated the highest by both men and women for pleasure, looks, feel, and fit. Many adult film stars also make these their condom of choice when they have to wear them in films.

Why They Are Different

What makes these condoms so much different than the others is how thin the material is. Tests show that they are about 50% thinner than other brands. Despite this, studies have shown that they are just as strong and reliable as the other brands. The extra thickness does not give the others any added strength benefits and only takes away from your pleasure. Crown tests each of their products with precise elecrostatic technology that makes sure the strength of the material is what it should be.

The Crown Skinless Skin is made for average to slightly above average sized men. If you purchase these online, you can find them for as low as sixteen cents each.

See How Crown Condoms Stack Up Against Other Brands

See the full Crown Condoms review and find out where they rank against other types of condoms.

If Crowns are the best condom for you, it could change your sex life forever.

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