Japanese Condoms Get Rave Reviews

Since the first use of condoms was recorded in Japan way back in the 1600s, this industrialized Asian country has seen a positive response for this popular form of contraception. Studies have shown that among the few industrial nations with a high percentage of condom usage, Japan accounts for nearly half. To date, Japan has four companies that manufacture 95 percent of the country’s condoms.

Japanese condoms are very popular worldwide owing to the fact that they’re very thin yet of good quality. And since they’re so thin, there’s increased sensation and pleasure derived during sexual intercourse which is what most people seek. One of the major reasons why many people refuse to use the condom is they’re not comfortable with the rubber but with thinner condoms, the rubber feeling is reduced and pleasure is heightened. Among the popular Japanese condoms are those made by Okamoto, Crown and Kimono.


Okamoto is said to be the largest manufacturer of latex condoms worldwide and is the top selling brand in Japan capturing 60 percent of the market share. Okamoto’s condoms are made of sheerlon, popularly known in the country as skinless skin. This advanced material is strong and durable that it can be made into a thin condom unlike the latex rubber. A great advantage of sheerlon is its silky texture that provides a more natural feeling just like skin. Users are guaranteed not only the ultimate sexual pleasure but protection against sexually transmitted diseases as well. Each condom made by Okamoto undergoes rigid tests using precise electrostatic technology.

The Okamoto condoms are of eight styles under two brand names – Beyond Seven and Crown. Beyond Seven comes in the original lubricated form, spermicidally lubricated called the plus spermicidal, the textured condom with studs also called studded condom and the one with natural aloe lubricant.


Another brand under the Okamoto Industries that takes pride in its being super thin is the Crown skinless skin condoms. Apart from its thinness, this type of condom is wider with a more comfortable shape and added strength for the ultimate pleasure of users. In fact, this has been declared a winner among the world’s top 10 condoms in several commercial websites.

A 2002 study that tested the brand’s sensitivity, comfort, pleasure and protection of both partners also showed that Crown condoms are the most preferred over three other leading brands. Some of the participants in the study said Crown was incomparable and felt like there was no condom at all.

Crown condoms are available in the original lubricated form, the textured type with studs called Crown studded and the colored latex called Crown assorted colors.


Kimono condoms come in different types. The microthin regular and the microthin with aqua lube are considered the best and thinnest condoms in the market. It’s so thin that it fits well and doesn’t feel like you’re wearing the rubber. The Kimono sensation is also known for its thinness and reliability. With its form-fitting shape that is tighter at the neck and base, the user need not worry about the condom loosening during the sexual intercourse.

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